July 10 - 11 | San Francisco | The Hilton, Union Square



Transform 2019

Join the AI thought leaders for two days of powerful talks and unbeatable networking.

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General session: Day two


July 11th

8:00 am

9:05 am

Continental 1-4

9:10 am

Continental 1-4

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Overview

Rodney Sampson, Chairman & CEO, Opportunity Hub

9:20 am

Continental 1-4

John Fremont, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Hypergiant

Moderator: Heidi Messer, Cofounder and Chairperson, Collective[i]

Fireside Chat

9:45 am

Continental 1-4

Hilary Mason, GM, Machine Learning, Cloudera

Khari Johnson, Staff Writer, VentureBeat

Fireside Chat

10:15 am

Continental 1-4

10:40 am

Continental 1-4

Tech Showcase Demos

Companies: Skymind, Techsee, EngineML, Brainworks, Unravel

11:10 am

Networking Break for industry verticals (Expo Ballroom):

  • Gaming

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail/Commerce

  • Finance

  • Health

  • Energy/Manufacturing 

  • Government

VIP Advisory (invitation only) - location Franciscan B

Design thinking around AI projects

Next-gen consumer experiences rely heavily on data and AI. But how do you actually get started with deploying AI at scale? Join us for this hands-on workshop to learn how the design thinking methodology: brings IT and business stakeholders together to align on a strategy that will return real business value; helps you tackle complex infrastructure challenges at speed by leveraging accelerator tools; infuses a culture of iterative innovation to produce working AI prototypes. Debunk the myth that AI implementation takes months or years – we'll show you how to do it in weeks!

Yolanda Wang, Associate Partner, AI & Analytics - Consumer Industries, IBM & Chad H. Smith, Associate Partner, AI & Analytics - Consumer Industries, IBM


11:45 - 12:35 pm

Plaza B

How the games industry is building a superior AI

Case Study: Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies. Lange discusses why challenging an agent to navigate through a complex, game-like environment may be the best way to push the capabilities of artificial intelligence. He will address why he believes that the Obstacle Tower has the potential to help contribute to research into AI, specifically Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Dr. Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies


3:00 - 3:25 pm

Plaza B

Recent advancements in AI algorithms and systems

Significant advances have been made in several areas in AI over the past year, including major algorithmic developments, improved applications in natural language processing and visual perception, as well as software frameworks like Kubeflow and PyTorch. All of which have implications for technology strategies for any ambitious company. Gil Arditi, head of product, Machine Learning at Lyft will provide an overview of these major developments, and talk about 2018/9 highlights in the ML/AI space, what to expect in 2020, and how to make the most of evolving technologies like AutoML and Reinforcement Learning.


Gil Arditi, Head of Product, Machine Learning, Lyft


3:35 - 4:00 pm

Plaza B

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Yosemite C

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in AI Roundtable

Hosted by: Rodney Sampson, Founder & CEO, OHUB

3:50 pm

Break presented by Bold 360

Standardizing and scaling AI in your organization

With so many opportunities to go after with AI, smart organizations are standardizing processes for machine learning and AI projects, allowing them to scale training and deployment, without having to reinvent the wheel each time. Here's how to do it.

Andrew Hoh, Product Manager, Applied Machine Learning & Machine Learning, Airbnb, Anil Kamath, VP of Technology, Adobe

Moderator: Seth Colaner, AI Editor, VentureBeat


Semantic Search: Success stories
A discussion about the bleeding edge of semantic search, and how big successes implemented.
Ameen Kazerouni, Lead Data Scientist, Zappos
Moderator: Joe Maglitta, VentureBeat

4:35 - 5:00 pm

Plaza B

Transform 2019

Where? The Hilton, Union Square, Downtown San Francisco When? July 10-11, 2019
Questions about Transform 2019? Contact us at events@venturebeat.com

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