Transform 2019

July 11th | San Francisco | The Hilton, Union Square


Roundtable + Reception



A hands-on workshop to advance strategies and solutions for increasing diversity in AI.

Hosted by: Rodney Sampson, Founder & CEO, OHUB

July 11, 2019 | 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Opening remarks and overview of DEIS, Rodney Sampson, Executive Chairman & CEO, OHUB; Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings

3:30 - 3:40 pm

Productizing the disruption of conscious and unconscious bias, Anurag Gupta, Cofounder & CEO, BeMoreAmerica

3:40 - 4:00 pm

Building an ethics thesis and North Star in AI, ML and beyond, Brian Brackeen, Cofounder, Lightship Capital

4:00 - 4:15 pm

Building a diverse, equitable & inclusive K-12 pipeline. Amy Chou, Corporate Partnerships Manager, AI4ALL

4:15 - 4:25 pm

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive higher ed pipeline, Jorge Cueto, Stanford AI Lab

4:25 - 4:35 pm

IBM AIFairness 360 Tookit Demo, Rohan Vaidyanathan, Offering Manager, Watson OpenScale

4:35 - 4:45 pm


4:45 - 5:00 pm

DEIS Reception

5:00 pm

Important mistakes can be made when diversity is not top-of-mind when implementing AI.
That's where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion comes in. From image recognition to sophisticated algorithms, to workforce dynamics and startup equity investment, the impact of diversity and inclusion can be significant.

Learn how your organization can build these initiatives and network with over 100 talented Black American, Latinx and women attendees.


VB's closing reception will bring together all attendees, complemented by music and hors d'oeuvres, for unparalleled networking. There will be a small program led by Rodney Sampson, CEO of OHUB, the leading provider of DEI strategy and solutions.

This year, VentureBeat's first Women in AI Awards will be presented during this inclusive reception.

July 11, 2019 | 5:00-6:30 pm

Congratulations to the Women in AI Nominees!

View the finalists here.


Responsibility & Ethics of AI:

This award will honor a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and progress in responsible AI.


  • Carole Piovesan, Co-Founder and Partner, INQ Data Law

  • Carolina Bessega, CSO - Chief Scientific Officer, Stradigi AI

  • Carolyn Staats, Director of Innovation, Information Systems Department, County of Sonoma

  • Charina Chou, Global Policy Lead for Emerging Technologies, Google

  • Corinne Stroum, Director, Product Management - Cost & Utilization Product Suite, KenSci

  • Danielle Cass, Director AI Ethics, Workday

  • Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Doctor of Artificial Intelligence, King Abdulaziz University

  • Joy Buolamwini, Founder, Algorithmic Justice League

  • Kathy Baxter, Architect of Ethical AI, Salesforce

  • Manuela Mackert, Chief Compliance Officer, Deutsche Telekom

  • Mia Dand, CEO, Lighthouse3

  • Poornima Ramaswamy, VP of Cognizant's AI and Analytics Practice, Cognizant

  • Sangeeta Mudnal, Sr. Director, Microsoft

  • Tess Posner, CEO, AI4ALL

  • Derval Usher, Head of Office, United Nations Pulse Lab, Jakarta


AI Entrepreneur (2 awards):

This award will honor two women who have started companies that show significant promise in AI. Consideration will include business traction and positive impact of the technology in the AI space.


  • Adva Levin, Founder & CEO, Pretzel Labs

  • Beena Ammanath, Founder & CEO, Humans for AI

  • Charu Sharma, Founder & CEO,

  • Daniela Braga, CEO, DefinedCrowd

  • Shalini Dhote, AI Lead, Startup womanAI

  • Dyann Daley, Founder and CEO, Predict-Align-Prevent, Inc.

  • Ellice Perez, Head of Operations, WAYMO

  • Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO, ROYBI

  • Jennifer Prendki, CEO, Alectio

  • Layla Shaikley, Cofounder, Chief Design Officer, Wise Systems

  • Miku Jhu, CEO, AgShift

  • Natalie Cartwright, Co-founder and COO, Finn AI

  • Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace

  • Pramad Jandhyala, Co-founder, LatentView Analytics

  • Tugce Bulut, Founder, Streetbees

  • Ying Zheng, Co-founder/CTO, AIFI INC

  • Julie Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, Armored Things

  • Alex Porter, CEO & Founder, Underminer Studios

  • Helen Kim, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, NanoSemi

  • Fang Cheng, Co-Founder, CEO, Linc Global

  • Beth Carey, Co-founder and CEO, Pat Inc

  • Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass Analytics

  • Miriam Vogel, Executive Director, EqualAI

  • Camille Morvan, Co-CEO, Goshaba

  • Emma Fauss, Co-Founder & CEO, Medical Informatics Corporation (MIC)

  • Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Doctor of Artificial Intelligence, King Abdul Aziz University

  • Katelyn Gleason, CEO, Eligible

  • Dr. Lingjia Tang, Co-Founder and COO, Clinc


AI Research:

This award will honor a woman whose research in AI has made a significant impact, by helping accelerate progress either within her organization, as part of academic research, or by influencing approaches to AI technology.


  • Anima Anandkumar, Professor and Director of ML Research, Caltech and NVIDIA

  • Anjali Gajendragadkar, Product Manager, Digitate

  • Anna Veronika Dorogush, Head of Machine Learning Systems, Yandex

  • Brooke Chan, Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI

  • Carly Eckert, MD, MPH, Director, Medical Informatics, KenSci

  • Christine Payne, Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI

  • Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Doctor of Artificial Intelligence, King Abdulaziz University

  • Dr. Parisa Naraei, PhD, Computer Science ( Applied AI in Healthcare), Canadian Institute for Health Information

  • Dr. Vivienne Ming, Professional Mad Scientist, Socos Labs

  • Fei Fei Li, Professor, Computer Science; Co-Director, Stanford's Human-Centered AI Institute, Stanford University

  • Henna Karna, Chief Data Officer, AXA XL

  • Kamiya Motwani, Staff Data Scientist, Walmart Labs

  • Kathy Pham, Co-lead Responsible Computer Science and Product Management Fellow, Mozilla and Harvard Kennedy School

  • Lilian Weng, Research Scientist, OpenAI

  • Manuela Veloso, Head, AI Research, J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.

  • Margaret Mitchell, Senior Research Scientist, Google Research

  • Michaela Blott, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx

  • Michelle Deitchman, Head of Employee Experience & Insights, The Hartford

  • Monica Martinez-Canales, Sr. Principal Engineer, Director of Applied Mathematics, Intel

  • Raquel Urtasun, ATG Chief Scientist, head of ATG R&D, Uber ATG

  • Rita Wouhaybi, Principal Engineer, Industrial & Energy Solutions Architecture, IoTGroup, Intel Corporation

  • Rupa Dash, CEO, Dash Global media

  • Shubha Nabar, Senior Director, Data Science, Salesforce


AI Mentorship: 

This award will honor a woman leader who has helped mentor other women in AI, by providing guidance and support or encouraging more women to enter the field.


  • Mercedes Soria, EVP, Chief Intelligence Officer, Knightscope 

  • Noelle LaCharite, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft Search, Assistant and Intelligence, Microsoft

  • Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

  • Sandhya Venkatachalam, Managing Partner and Founder, DeepAngels

  • Tracey Cournoyer, VP and CIO, EBIA, Travelers

  • Huma Abidi, Engineering Director of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Intel

  • Lisa Rutta, Director, Operations & Technical Project Management, SoundHound Inc.

  • Sandhya Venkatachalam, Founder & Managing Partner, DeepAngels

  • Shubha Nabar, Senior Director, Data Science, Salesforce Einstein

  • Joline McGoldrick, Senior Vice President, Data Insights and Research, VidMob

  • Preeti Adhikary, VP of Marketing, Fusemachines

  • Gillian McCann, Co-Founder and Head of Cloud Engineering & AI, Workgrid Software

  • Tara Chklovski, Founder and CEO, Iridescent

  • Molly Davies, Data Scientist, Stitch Fix

  • Julie Pitt, Director, Data Science Platform, Netflix


Rising Star:

This award will honor a woman in the beginning stages of her AI career who has demonstrated forethought and exemplary leadership.


  • Caryn Tan, Global Responsible AI Strategy and Operations Lead, Accenture

  • Diane Hu, Engineering Manager of Data Science, Etsy

  • Erin Boyle, Data Scientist, Stitch Fix

  • Gillian Fischer, Global Manager - Customer Advocacy, MindBridge Ai

  • Helen Ngo, Machine Learning Engineer, Dessa

  • Iba Masood, Co-Founder and CEO, Tara AI

  • Joan Palmiter Bajorek, Founder, Women in Voice

  • Joy Buolamwini, MIT Media Lab Computer Scientist and Digital Activist, Founder Algorithmic Justice League

  • Kate Ashley Clarke, BI Product Analyst/Founder, Valant Medical Solutions/HOPE AI

  • Kenza Ait Si Abbou Lyadini, Senior Manager Robotics and AI, Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Krittika D'Silva, Computer Science PhD Student, University of Cambridge

  • Mahnoosh Mehrabani, Principal Inventive Scientist, Interactions LLC

  • Marie Smith, Chief Information Officer, Data 360

  • Marie Myers, CFO, UiPath

  • Martha Roos, VP of Global Data and Analytics, PepsiCo

  • Moran Brody, Research Team Lead, Riskified

  • Nikhila Ravi, Research Engineer, Facebook (AI Research)

  • Ria Doshi, Co-creator, Alleviate

  • Saloni Potdar, Senior Data Scientist and Manager, IBM Corp.

  • Tameka Vasquez, Assistant Vice President, Marketing Lead,
    High-Tech - Genpact

Transform 2019

Where? The Hilton, Union Square, Downtown San Francisco When? July 10-11, 2019
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